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A great meal starts with a great knife.

     A chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. Quality knives and proper knife skills are key ingredients for making slicing, chopping and dicing faster and easier while preparing meals! But most chef’s knives exhibit a simple flaw: a handle that encourages an improper grip.

     So we set out to design a knife that facilitates a proper grip for maximum control, enhanced speed, comfort and safety.  After a long development the answer became clear.


FINI Knives | Chef Knife

     By shortening the length of the handle FINI Cutlery guides your hand naturally into the proper pinch grip used by professional chefs all over the world. This simple design change makes FINI knives feel like a true extension of your hand.

     According to many professional chefs, Fini knives are the most comfortable and efficient they have ever handled. Our redesigned knives naturally guide your hand into the “pinch grip” used by professional chefs, so that even novices look and cook like the pros. The function and balance delivers superior performance.

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FINI Knives | Chef Knife

     The shortened grip also re-balances the weight distribution of the knife ahead of the bolster. By moving the fulcrum onto the blade, cutting, slicing and chopping now become faster, safer and more comfortable than ever before.

The heart of any knife is its steel. The quality of your steel determines how well your blade will take and hold an edge, resist staining and avoid damage.

We selected German Forged 4116 stainless steel with a balance of carbon and chromium for a high degree of corrosion resistance, strength and edge retention.

Our steel is tempered to achieve a Rockwell Hardness of 58° Each blade is then hand sharpened to a 20° cutting edge. After extensive testing we’ve determined this to be the optimal range balancing sharpness and edge retention.

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A Knife for Every Need

What started as a single knife has grown to a full line of knives covering a wide range of situations. From single knives through full block sets, FINI Cutlery has you covered.

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Still not convinced we’ve perfected the Chef's Knife?

FINI Knives | Chef Knife

FINI Cutlery is proud to offer the “GET OUR GRIP GUARANTEE”

Buy any of our knives and try them risk free for a full 30 days. If you don’t agree our knives are most functional and most comfortable kitchen knives you’ve ever used, simply return them for a full refund.

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